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Don’t get scared by the headlines

“Gmail accounts hacked via unpatched hole!” That’s the headline on this article from Windows Secrets, which is generally a very good source of information. Based on the headline alone, you might think that using Gmail is inherently insecure. But a closer reading of the article reveals that Gmail accounts can only be hacked in this [...]

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EPIC complains to FTC about Google

Following the recent privacy gaffe at Google, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Some of the language in the complaint seems a bit hyperbolic, and the request that Google be compelled to contribute $5 million to support electronic privacy research seems a bit self-serving. Obviously, though, a [...]

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Taking the Google with the bug

I’ve never said, nor will I ever say, that the cloud is not without fault. ChannelWeb reports that Google Docs had a security glitch over the weekend. As I noted after the recent Google Apps outage, though, one advantage of using a well-established cloud service is that any problems are going to be handled by [...]

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